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The Scoop: Originally bred by TGA Genetics, Slymer is a clone-only phenotype of TGA’s Chernobyl strain. A citrus-centric strain with star-studded parental lineage, Slymer is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that instills long-lasting cerebral effects. Perfect for washing away afternoon lethargy or the day’s stressful events, consumers can expect a serious attitude adjustment and boost of creative energy from this strain.

The Result: A heady fan favorite for today’s MMJ patients and recreational smoker in search of its exceptionally sweet terpene profile. Slymer is also highly sought-after for its unique ability to help combat a variety of psychological issues

The Verdict: Cultivated in Santa Cruz, California by RB26, Slymer’s potent flowers are loaded with appetizing terpenes that tap into her sweet genetic downline.


pic via @missradreefer on instagram. Description via Cannafo


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