Kirkwood OG


Genetics: F-cut OG Kush x Face Off OG BX1
Lineage: The mother plant, the F-Cut OG Kush, was brought onto the scene by member DankiestOG. Having posted some of the arguably, dankest looking pictures of an OG Kush to ever hit, it was an instant hit and immediately one of the most highly sought cuttings. He claimed he had received the cutting in the late 90’s/early 2000’s in the Lake Tahoe area, when it was simply labeled as “Kush” ― nothing more. Named after the impressive Lake Tahoe area ski resort “KirkWood.”
How It Grows: Typical to many OG Kush’s, Kirkwood OG is a bit of a slow-starter and a lighter feeder in veg. Once she takes off, she can stretch 300 percent or more, growing densely spaced branches that respond very well to super cropping. She likes nitrogen and calcium through week 2-3 of flower. Not as nutrient-sensitive as other OG’s, she still isn’t a heavy feeder. With 63-68 days she will produce medium-sized spear-shaped nuggets comprised of tightly stacked calyxes deeply encrusted with resin. This plant prioritizes resin production, smell, taste and potency over structure and yield, making it best suited for an intermediate gardener.
Smoke Report/ Bag Appeal: The flowers have tightly organized calyxes, with almost no leaf evident anywhere, exploding from a center of what appears to be an opaque white fuzz. The overall color appears blondish with welcomed breaks of deep green crevices on a consequence of the vast array of trichome heads. As stacked as each flower is, it breaks apart perfectly, sending out a potent rush of deep kush and acrid lemon pine sol cleaner. The familiar and riveting scents of piney kush with notes of cedar and a deep lemon reach into the mouth, jerking fiercely as a thick rush of potent smoke escapes through the throat. My chest cavity explodes and a pine needle forest spills out of my mouth as I exhale ― and I am immediately met by a devastating head rush.
Effect: The instant head high is followed by the deep relaxation OG Kush is known for. As my eyelids take a familiar “sunset” position I can feel my perky, clear, kushed up, symptom-free state emerge and remember to offer a special thanks to Dr. GVS and the breeders at Archive seeds for making this plant available. (Pic via @genefinderog on instagram. Describtion via thenorthwestleaf)


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