Golden Cobra



Flavor: citrus, grape, tropical

Golden Cobra is a limited release marijuana strain which is a combination of Moxie’s Grape Kush with the world’s most decorated strain to date: Tangie from DNA Genetics. One of the two main phenotypes in this cross is the overwhelming tangie dominant pheno with sweet-citrus deliciousness abound. The other one is with a more complex sweet astringent flavour reminiscent of a tropical fruit bouquet. It is a Sativa dominant variety with flowering time of 55-60 days. The hybrids finish few days later and are dense and frosty often showing purple. This incredibly rewarding marijuana strain is easy to grow and is a true credit to the limitless potential of the DNA Tangie line. (Product image via @thewickedkind on instagram. Product description via choicecannanisseeds)


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